New products Arcadia, FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, and Station-IC are available for demonstration at the TV show

Clear-Com has been a market leader in innovative intercom solutions for more than five decades. Clear-Com will bring the latest product releases - Arcadia™ Central Station, FreeSpeak Edge ® Base Station, and Station-IC™ Virtual Desktop Client, as well as other trusted broadcasting solutions.

      Clear-Com has developed many products that it wants to share directly with its partners, customers, and end-users. The standout product will be the new, award-winning Arcadia Central Station, an IP platform. expandable integration of wired and digital wireless side systems along with third-party Dante devices in a single 1RU rack.

An extensible IP platform that integrates analog wired and digital wireless systems with third-party Dante devices.

     Arcadia is designed for a wide range of applications including OBvans, large campus broadcast, and broadcast studios. It is an ideal fit for customers looking to integration solutions. their wired and wireless solutions into a single, seamless system. The system expands to meet different production needs, offering a base level of 32 IP ports that can be expanded up to 96 IP ports if needed.

      FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, an IP base station that supports the full range of FreeSpeak™ digital wireless intercom solutions including 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz, as well as party Dante devices The third is designed for rapid deployment.

Station-IC was born from the success of the Agent-IC mobile app and brings the same intuitive user interface to any Windows or macOS user's desktop. Connecting to the Eclipse ® HX IP support matrix or the LQ ® Series IP Interface, Station-IC can extend communication access to any remote location, quickly and easily, and rationally. Ideal for situations where key production contributors are needed to remotely control the main broadcast facility

       Existing solutions include Eclipse HX Digital Matrix with E-IPA interface card for IP connectivity, V-Series Iris™ Panels with integrated IP connectivity for Eclipse HX, and Agent-IC® Mobile App, with Full-featured intercom when key users are required to be far away.

The newly updated Trilogy™ Mentor RG and CX systems, which now feature dual gigabit network ports for improved networking, will also be featured on the rack. The Trilogy Mentor system generates synchronized video, audio, and timecode signals for broadcast and other system-critical purposes with an extremely precise time signature

The Trilogy Mentor system provides reliable, advanced synchronization and testing functions for use in mixed SD and HD/3G installations.

          Mentor RG generates synchronized video, audio, and timecode signals for broadcast and other system-critical purposes with an extremely precise time signature.

        Mentor CX is an auto-switch for a highly resilient master generator solution in the event of a system failure.

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