The Smart IP Solution for Smart AV Systems – GENELEC SMART IP LOUDSPEAKER

Smart IP saves professional audio system designers, integrators and installers valuable time — without sacrificing Genelec’s renowned audio quality, serve a wide range of applications, room sizes, and project scales.

One cable for audio, power and control

The Smart IP Solution for Smart AV Systems

From the global leader in professional audio monitoring, Smart IP is a scalable open IP networking technology platform delivering power, audio and loudspeaker management — with configuration, supervision and calibration features — all via a single standard CAT cable.

Smart IP saves professional audio system designers, integrators and installers valuable time — without sacrificing Genelec’s renowned audio quality. The growing family of Smart IP loudspeakers serve a wide range of applications, room sizes, and project scales.

Smart IP technology offers installers the extraordinary coverage, clarity and intelligibility that Genelec is renowned for, coupled with a time-saving efficiency that will reduce installation man-hours and boost your bottom line.

Complete audio connectivity

Configure and manage networked audio using Dante Controller. 4420 and 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers also support analogue audio via a standard Euroblock (Phoenix) connector.

Switch or even mix between networked audio and analogue sources at the loudspeaker, or simply operate as an analogue input loudspeaker under IP control.

Novel power management

Based on IP and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, Smart IP utilises proprietary internal power management that delivers a significantly higher SPL than was previously possible via any conventional PoE. In fact, Smart IP can produce maximum SPL whenever needed, sufficient to power small and medium sized audio systems — a world first.

Dynamic power

The internal power supply stores power, to enable Smart IP loudspeakers to work with real audio signals, music and speech. Since audio signals are dynamic, periods of high peak power typically have finite duration while the effective average power level, or RMS power, remains much lower.

PoE+ Or PoE ?

Smart IP loudspeakers support the widely used PoE+ and PoE technology standards. IEEE 802.3at (30 W) is recommended, with IEEE 802.3af (15 W) simply reducing the time that maximum power output can be maintained.

Genelec Smart IP Manager Software

Total control, flexible system management, anywhere, anytime

Single-cable simplicity is only the beginning. Genelec Smart IP Manager software enables flexible system configuration, supervision, management and monitoring over IP. Manage all loudspeakers as one system. Configure, monitor and maintain systems to better serve your clients. Control performance, and create loudspeaker groups for different rooms, spaces and environments. Even operate remotely.

Proven, time-saving software

With an intuitive suite of software tools to solve installation audio challenges including device discovery, IP configuration, zone assignment and status monitoring. With full access to DSP for room equalisation and delay. Save time and ensure systems perform with outstanding clarity and speech intelligibility, even in challenging acoustic environments.

Connect, calibrate and control

Manage from a single screen, divide your system into any number of rooms or zones. Featuring a public API command set for easy integration with AV control systems. Give end users instant access to volume, power on/off, loudspeaker activity or pre- programmed audio settings.

Genelec Smart IP Controller Software

Intuitive remote control

For less complex installations, the Smart IP Controller app can be downloaded to mobile devices and tablets, providing the end user with day-to-day control of key loudspeaker functions including mute, volume control and power on/off, plus overall zone control.

Once the system has been configured by the installer using Smart IP Manager software, the Smart IP  Controller app provides an intuitive, low cost alternative to third party AV  control systems.

Sound superiority

There’s a reason why professionals around the world trust their audio monitoring to Genelec. And now AV system designers, integrators and installers have plenty of great reasons to follow suit.

Smart IP loudspeaker systems deliver linear low-latency networked audio, with synchronisation to sub-microsecond level for excellent sound intelligibility. With consistent power response, impressive SPL, low distortion and adaptability to different acoustic environments, each Smart IP model provides crisp, clean sound in a compact enclosure — making system installation discreet, reliable and easy.

Exceptional coverage

Faced with the challenging acoustics of real installations with listeners located at different positions in the room, control of loudspeaker directivity is crucial to guaranteeing exceptionally uniform in-room coverage with clarity and speech intelligibility. Genelec has championed tightly controlled directivity for decades, and now brings its remarkable benefits to installed sound systems — even in difficult spaces.


Smart IP loudspeakers are available in black, white, raw or 120 custom RAL colours, allowing them to blend seamlessly with any interior colour scheme. Please note, the 4410 is only available in black or white.

Flexible mounting…

Every installation is unique, so our unrivalled range of mounting accessories allows each Smart IP speaker to be floor, ceiling, wall or truss  mounted.

Models & tech specs

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